Restoration Services & Solutions

Prime Restorations Australia is a highly reactive restoration company. When disaster hits, we act swiftly to deliver superior solutions for your specific biohazard recovery and restoration requirements in a short amount of time.

Our experience ranges across a diverse set of environments and gives us a unique insight into what you need and how to execute. Engaging an appropriately qualified bio cleaning team can save you money, stress and protect you, your family, your employees’ health as well as other visitors. We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge and aim to meet clients demands, in and around the situation with our ability to offer first-class restoration services. We shift the burden from you to us.


Our specialised team has over 50 years of experience in restoring hard floor surfaces. We can clean and restore all hard floor surfaces including timber, tiles, marble, lime stone & terrazzo floors. We have the knowledge to guarantee a superior result when it comes to flooring restoration.

university structural drying

Our trained technicians at Prime Restoration Australia will measure the affected areas and calculate the amount of equipment needed using Sycrop charts. We will ensure monitoring of the drying regime is in place which will produce a faster drying regime and a happier client back in their sooner, saving time and money


Prime Restoration Australia is committed to a rapid response in the event of a fire. Our professional team understand the importance of building a unique relationship with the client. We communicate with our clients during the restoration process.


We understand the importance of speed when responding to incidents that involve water damage or flooding. Our technicians are trained to assess all areas that may have been affected. Our systems and programs provide the necessary information required to ensure a smooth process when making an insurance claim.

Specialist Services


Prime Restoration has a Bio Cleanse team that deliver specialist services to Trauma, Accident & Crime Scene Incidents. Specialising in the clean up and decontamination of bio hazardous sites in various environments. Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals are ready at all times to respond and restore any situation that may arise from a crime scene, homicide or suicide. Our Bio Cleanse team will clean and sanitise the site, neutralise the odours, seal and remove all contaminated materials for disposal at a licensed medical waste facility. Peace of mind during difficult times is paramount. Let us reduce your stress and do what we do best.



Bio-Cleanse Services & Solutions

Bio Cleanse services are professional Trauma, Accident & Crime Scene Technicians. We take enormous pride in ourselves to minimise the impact with whole we are involved by having the situation dealt with as discrete and simple as possible. We are professionally trained to safely eliminate bio hazard substances and dispose of them properly in accordance with health regulations. Equipped with the necessary safety apparatus and cleaning products, Bio Clean Services help turn a perilous environment into a clean and safe place.


Crime scene cleaning is an extremely sensitive job. Most crime or forensic cleaning is required after a tragic situation that causes trauma and distress. These difficult circumstances require both professionalism and thoroughness. Working with all parties involved, we are here to restore a safe environment for all.


The production of Methamphetamine uses ingredients that can cause severe lung and eye damage, chemical burns, tissue irritation and even death. It also poses fire risks and possible explosions. Childhood exposure to Meth lab chemicals can result in kidney liver or spleen damage, and also result in violent behaviour. Our Bio Cleanse team are professionally trained & certified to ensure decontamination of infected areas.


Not only is mould bad for your health, it can severely devalue your property and create unwanted strain & stress to the home or business owner. Hence, it is im- portant to arrange for professionals like Bio Cleanse Services to conduct mould removal and mould remediation as soon as the presence of mould is identi- fied. At Bio-Cleanse mould remediation, we specialize in providing affordable mould cleaning for home and business owners across Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Goulburn, Batemans Bay and surrounding NSW.


Odour from biological materials like urine, feces, smoke, disaster contaminates, mould / moisture problems & human decomposition are some the nastiest odours. One needs to be very cautious as these source materials can migrate through the flooring, sub flooring, insulation, ceiling, floor and sub floor. Cleaning stuff like this requires highly specialized procedures and techniques. Bio-Cleanse, a team of certified professionals are trained and experienced in dealing with odour control & clean-up.

Qualifications & Experience


Excellence in safety is an expectation for Prime Restoration Australia. It is our policy to provide quality restoration, cleaning and integrated service solutions. With reference to the certifications we will deliver the highest standard of excellence due to our attainment in professional certification and training programs. Prime Restoration Services is adamant about attaining and further gaining deeper and modern day knowledge
to stay updated and equipped with most advanced operating systems.